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Bapi Das Baul releases new album “River of Happy Souls”

Written by on May 25, 2021

Bapi Das Baul and his folk ensembles Baul Bishwa and Mantrasense present ‘River of Happy Souls’. This album is a spiritual and musical journey with each song bringing visions of love, peace and solidarity – the core philosophical messages of the Bauls. Accompanied by a variety of native instruments such as the tabla, dhol and ektara, and lyrical poems by the great Fakir Baul Lalon Shah.

Bapi Das Baul and his bands – widely known for their transcendental music, an important instrument on the path of self-realization – have also been regarded as representatives of Manush Dharma (a man-centric faith) whose highest divinity is the human being itself. Using music as the medium of expression and communication, the songs in this album explore karma, love, compassion, truth, a hunger for life and the human dependency upon nature.

“The idea of this album is about us all being on a path, the meeting of past and present, and the messenger of the present for the future… being a Baul, the role of messenger for the new generation…” – Bapi Das Baul.

Listen Now: Sample track four off the Album “River of Happy Soul”. Listen to the full Album right here on the ACR Showcase Show at 14:00 CAT. do not forget to support by buying the full Album.

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