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Check Out Chuck Platinum’s Latest Critically Acclaimed Album “Curse of a Genius”

Written by on May 31, 2021

Chuck Platinum, multi-award-winning producer, DJ, radio personality, audio engineer, and Hip Hop artist, recently released his new solo album titled “Curse of a Genius.”

The Bronx heavy-hitter comes with his A-game to deliver pure NY Hip Hop at its best…“Curse of a genius is an album about the curse really being your gift. When you get to a certain point as an artist you will gain more challenges with success. Maybe it will be the difference between life and death of your career. It’s about challenging yourself to be better. This album sonically takes you on a journey of a man about to reach his time in success” 

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Chuck Platinum started off as a DJ watching his father rock the turntables since he was a baby. In 1991, he teamed up with his partner in crime Prince Newkirk, and formed the group Uptown Nation. Uptown Nation performed in many showcases nationally including a once in a lifetime chance to perform on Showtime @ The Apollo winning standing ovations and coming only second to another contender. In 1992 Chuck Platinum and his father DJ Butch SOS started his first business called Partnuz Entertainment and began DJing several parties and clubs in the tri-state and started this business when he was only 13 years old.

Chuck Platinum has produced records for A.G. (Showbiz & AG), Cory Gunz, Scrilla Gambino, Earn Dinero, ILY TRULY, Ne-Yo, and a plethora of independent artists and has produced and recorded 11 albums to date as a solo artist.

Chuck is also a radio personality with over a decade of experience. He has had radio shows on DaMatrix Studios and DTF Radio. In 2020, he started his own radio network Record Breakaz Radio and is currently hosting his own show “The Indie Heat Show” every Saturday 8 pm-10 pm on Xtreme Vibe TV channel on ROKU Network.

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