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EC’s First Music Reality Show – iThongo Lo Mculo🎶[FEATURE REQUEST]

Written by on July 17, 2023


KIDD’S BEACH, EAST LONDON – July 10, 2023 – iThongo Content Creation Camp, curated by Mazik Firm and Meji Media, brought together a remarkable lineup of artists who collaborated to produce extraordinary music. From June 26 to July 3, 2023, Kidd’s Beach, East London, became the creative hub where talented musicians including King Joe, Elle Jack, Ell Power Tee, Cphoce2, Jay Kwezi, Tonik Suave, Rhymmasta, MakhandaZonke, Stuffah Huncho, Gap Ligama, and Sammy unleashed their collective genius.

Supported by industry-leading partners such as MTN South Africa, Twizza Energy Drinks, Huawei Phones, and Honor Mobile Devices, the iThongo Content Creation Camp captured the attention of music enthusiasts across the country. The event has also achieved the distinction of being recorded as the Eastern Cape’s first-ever reality show.

Every day, viewers can tune in to an enthralling social media experience by visiting over 60 Facebook pages where the camp is currently streaming. The captivating journey of these exceptional artists, as they crafted their music, unfolded in real-time, allowing fans to witness the magic behind the scenes.

One of the standout features of the iThongo Content Creation Camp was the creation of a unique lyric book. Handwritten by the participating artists themselves, this lyric book contains the heartfelt words that served as the foundation of their compositions. The organizers have plans to distribute this remarkable piece of artistry to the public, enabling music enthusiasts to connect with the intimate thoughts and emotions embedded within each song.

Thrilled by the resounding success of the inaugural event, the organizers are already setting their sights on the future. The iThongo Content Creation Camp aims to become an annual gathering of exceptional artists, fostering collaboration and nurturing the music industry in the Eastern Cape. By providing a platform for emerging and established talents to come together, the camp seeks to elevate the region’s music scene and contribute to its growth.

The music created during the iThongo Content Creation Camp is currently in the capable hands of renowned mixer and master Stoney T. His exceptional skills, coupled with a co-sign from the four-time Grammy-winning engineer, MixedByAli, promise an unparalleled sonic experience for listeners. Fans can eagerly anticipate the release of the meticulously mixed and mastered music, slated for October.

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About iThongo Content Creation Camp:

iThongo Content Creation Camp is a unique gathering of talented artists who collaborate to create exceptional music. The camp serves as a platform for emerging and established musicians to come together, fostering collaboration and contributing to the growth of the music industry in the Eastern Cape. Supported by esteemed partners and captured as the region’s first reality show, iThongo Content Creation Camp promises an unforgettable experience for artists and fans alike.

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