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Written by on September 28, 2021

Special notes:WHAT ABOUT ME is lifted from Batila’s November 2021 release TATAMANA (HoldOnto What You Love) being released through Galileo Music on 19 Nov. 2021.WHAT ABOUT ME is a single from Berlin-based Batila’s 2021 debut album TATAMANA–Hold OntoWhat You Love.Bursting with Bantu soul, WHAT ABOUT ME is aboutfinding personal independence from stereotypes, a song that is about breaking free from theconfines that we impose on ourselves and that the world also imposes on us.It’s about freedom fromlimitations.

WHAT ABOUT ME is an infectious pop song that crosses many genres and stands up as aproud Afro-beat pop song with its beautifullylayered harmonies with a melodic chorus thathas the strength of any Top 40 pop song:

“And don’t you tell me now,what aboutall night shifts that you’ve worked so hard,what about that hustle just to be someone,what about me the one you say you loveLet your light shine”

Berlin is a heaven for international musicians. WHAT ABOUT ME features leading Africanand Europe musicians, all superbly well placed to craft Batila’s song into a supremely catchyand memorable pop song. Mauro Pandolfino and Andre Matov on electric guitars areaccompanied by the legendary drummer of Germany’s electronic duo, Mouse on Mars, DodoNKishi’s mighty beats on drums. Tunde Alibaba, son of the late Benin musician, BayoAgongolo from Black Santiago fame, also performs percussion. Italian keyboardist, AlexTrebo plays keys for Berlin-based jazz group, Mop Mop, while Zambian bassist, JeffChappah holds the groove of WHAT ABOUT ME with style. WHAT ABOUT ME wasrecorded at Trixx Studios in Berlin which has been frequented by the likes of Billie Eillish,Nicki Minaj, Fleetwood Mac, Bryan Ferry and was mixed and mastered by Mighty KK.

Batila’sNovember2021album is TATAMANA translates from Kikongo as “Hold On ToWhat You Love“. The album is BATILA’s journey to African spirituality, self-love andblack love. It’s an exciting track from Batila Ange da Costa, who was bornin the DemocraticRepublic of the Congoand raised between Berlin and London as the first-born child to a setof Congolese and Angolan parents. Batila’s name proudly comes from his grandfather and isKikongo meaning “one who protects, conserves and holds it together.” As Batila says,

“I am proud and in love with Congolese music so you can always find alittle bit of mychildhood sounds in it… That’s why I also name my sound Bantu Soul… it’s music for mypeople bypeople. Everything and nothing inspires me. I am a very melancholic but not asadperson. I dedicate my music to music-lovers, people who like to dive a bit deeper withoutsounding too intellectual. I dedicate my music to the youth and my generation in thediaspora, who are not fighting to be accepted by the white man.I AM, I don’t needpermission, I don’t need to be cool, trendy.”

Batila has managed to create the perfect pop song on his debut album,WHAT ABOUT ME. A joyous celebration from a superbly talented producer, singer andsongwriter. Outstanding.WHAT ABOUT ME releasesthrough Galileo Music on 22October, 2021.

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