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A Gospel Voice Rooted in Family and Faith

Written by on July 10, 2024

Kenny Reach: A Gospel Voice Rooted in Family and Faith



Kenny Reach, a Nigerian-born gospel artist, brings a unique blend of musical influences and a deep well of faith to his music. Hailing from Enugu State, Kenny’s journey began at a young age, nurtured within a musical family.


Early Beginnings in the Church Choir


Surrounded by music from a young age, Kenny’s talent blossomed in the Enugu Unity Mass Choir and his local church choir. With an elder brother skilled in keyboards, drums, and vocals, and an elder sister with a captivating voice, Kenny was immersed in a rich musical environment. This early exposure undoubtedly shaped his own musical path.


A Global Journey and Multilingual Talent


By 16, Kenny’s journey extended beyond national borders. Living in various countries across Europe, Africa (including Equatorial Guinea), and South America, he broadened his horizons not only culturally but linguistically as well. Kenny’s fluency in Spanish, French, and Portuguese extends to his songwriting, allowing him to express his faith in multiple languages.


From Group Singer to Solo Artist




Before embarking on his solo career, Kenny honed his skills as part of the Nigerian group Versus Music Ministers. However, upon leaving Nigeria in his late teens, he transitioned into a solo artist, focusing initially on worship, R&B, and hip-hop genres. Ultimately, his calling led him to fully embrace his role as a worship singer.


A Genre-Bending Worshipper


While firmly rooted in gospel music, Kenny emphasizes his versatility. He can effortlessly navigate R&B, hip-hop, and Afrobeat, infusing these influences into his praise and worship anthems. This ability to blend genres allows him to connect with a wider audience while staying true to his core message of faith.


Beyond the Stage Name


Although known as Kenny Reach, his birth name is Richard Udochukwu Okorie. It’s a reminder that the artist and the man are one, united by their passion for music and worship.


Looking Ahead


While the artist bio mentions an upcoming “gossip song,” it’s clear that Kenny Reach’s primary focus remains on gospel music. With his strong foundation in faith, musical diversity, and global perspective, Kenny Reach is sure to continue inspiring listeners worldwide.


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