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KHÖÖMEI BEAT – Changys Baglaash

Written by on October 7, 2021

‘Changys Baglaash’ – the latest rip-roaring release from Tuvan sensations Khöömei Beat goes on sale worldwide from Friday 22nd October 2021 through Arc Music.

Khöömei Beat and their innovative style are leaping to the forefront of the Tuvan music revolution. They combine traditional Tuvan throat singing and influences with modern instrumentation, producing an inimitable sound and powerful performances. The result is ‘Changys Baglaash’. A blistering blend of old and new that firmly establishes them as a musical force of nature and one of the most exciting new bands in world music today.

The group came together by beautiful coincidence, meeting at a local contest in 2017. Frontman Aikhan Oorzhak was looking for a band, and a troupe of musicians were seeking a singer. And thus, Khöömei Beat was born.

Perhaps it is apt to refer to khöömei as a fascinating beast. A unique style compared to traditional western singing, its origins stem from Tuvan ancestors mimicking the sounds of nature while hunting. Throat singing produces a rhythmic rumble that you can feel in your very core. Wildly diverse, many different styles exist, several on display throughout ‘Changys Baglaash’.

(silent K – ‘her may’)
(Chung-gus b-glash)

Unlike the group’s formation, the album’s content is no coincidence, for the band are meticulous in their composition and arrangement of their carefully selected songs. While many are original pieces, it was essential for them to choose the perfect traditional tunes to accompany them. The band opted for lesser-known historical tracks and allowed these stirring songs to live again.

The band’s creative process is entirely collaborative. All members play several instruments, and each contribution adds another spicy ingredient to the fiery fusion that is ‘Changys Baglaash’.

You can expect booming bass and soaring strings. Power, pace, and an irrepressible pulse that beats through the very heart of their music. Music that indulges historical values and imbues their youth with a gateway to their people’s very beginnings. For Khöömei Beat, two things are of vital importance. To respect the traditions of their cultural history and draw in the younger generations of Tuvan people and help them learn about their rich and vibrant heritage.

The fact that Tuvan music has gained worldwide recognition speaks volumes for the appeal that the genre has to a broader audience. Khöömei Beat will only enhance that attraction.

For further information please contact Amelia Zimmatore | | +44(0)1342 770478
ARC Music Productions Int Ltd, PO Box 111, East Grinstead, RH19 4FZ, UK |

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