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Written by on November 22, 2021

Fresh from the success of his mixtape titled, A Collection of Sounds and Wisdom, where the single “Hold” received over 100 000 streams on Spotify alone. “Hold” remains Rabbi’s highest streamed song, featuring a powerhouse singer from Cape Town named Jordan Baker. The Rabbi Himself prepares to release a new project, starting with a single.

“Stressed” is the first single for his upcoming E.P titled “Poster Child”. The single is produced by international producer Martinz Beats who has worked with numerous international artists and a few artists from his home in Brazil, São Paulo. Stressed is a hip-hop trap/rap record with a bouncy 808. It’s melodic with high energy and catchy lyrics created to draw listeners in, to keep them bobbing their heads and vibing out on the dance floor. This record is the perfect way to end a stressful year and begin the festive season, setting the tone for the new year.

The ideology behind the song is to point out the challenges the artist is facing, which is similar to most 23-year-olds. One example would be University stress, which includes exams, projects and deadlines. Rabbi illustrates his thoughts slightly deeper, touching on how he makes it through each day by staying in his lane and grinding relentlessly. The Rabbi Himself perfectly describes and words the thoughts of a young adult chasing their dreams.

It’s not often you hear music with such powerful lyrics expressed in a way that makes a listener want to sing along. “Stressed” has the ability to become an anthem that represents the celebration of the grind.

The Rabbi Himself is a 23-year-old from the South of Johannesburg. He is an artist that uses music to tell stories, to express himself and speak his truth. Rabbi is a rapper/vocalist. His intention with his music is to show the heart of who he is, to speak for people who can not, to bring about awareness on topics he feels are less spoken about, to connect with people and make them feel. From “trappin’ out” to “vibing out”, there is no limit to the Rabbi’s Sonic and storytelling abilities.

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