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Written by on March 24, 2022

The feeling of the song is glamorous with a humbly arrogant sense.It’s sisterhood with motivation.” – 4IAM.

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‘Level Up‘ serves as an elegant introduction to 4IAM’s ability to surprise their audience. The track starts of with a royal soundscape and just a few seconds in, slams with a phat bassline leading us into the ethereal realms of 4IAM’s magic culminating in a drop-chorus where 4IAM showcases their influence, inspiration and incomparable talent to the world. Level Up’ displays the multitude of talent not only found within the performance and performers of the band, but also the production team behind the act.

Drawing inspiration from a unique production style we see how T-Pop with every release moves into multiple genres of music to tell a story with the sound and performance. This is clear with 4IAM‘s third release of 2022. ‘Level Up‘ motivates the listener that now is the time to take action and not just level up your game, but level up your reality.

The lyrics have the band reflect on their accomplishments and their upbringing. The song shares that with hard work come great results and if you didn’t know about 4IAM, now you do. The song also talks about self reflection and the ability to harness the power inside to become the hero of your own story.

Level Up was produced in South Africa, recorded in South Africa and the story in the song begins in no other place than 021, Cape Town.

The story of the song takes you through a journey, starting in a township where you are being raised to build up yourself and at the same time deal with the pressure of finding a way out. The journey continues into teenage years of beauty standards. It might come from other ways in other areas, the fact still remains as the pressure on your shoulders stays. Here 4IAM tells how that pressure has rather shaped them to become the young women that they are today rather than breaking them down. It’s a journey where 4IAM takes you in and lets you level up with them as they progress through the storyline of the song.
With this song 4IAM wants to invite everybody who can relate to a dance. This song includes singing, rapping, dancing and in general an outstanding message. Listen to it, Feel it, Live it.

The first verse is an introduction to where 4IAM geographically emerged from. Touching base with the first single Legends, the first line brings you in and follows up where they started their journey. The first verse also has some landmarks to this era we live in today coupled with name dropping words like “lockdown” and a sensible way of putting “Eskom” in the power circle making the song very much right for our time.

The second verse is a bridge where you haven’t heard anything like it before, where the girls break down in fast paced singing. A powerful track establishing 4IAM as a force of influence within their local communities, South Africa and soon to be the world.

We want everyone to feel motivated and positive when they listen to our song Level Up. It’s a complicated world and you have to be strong. There are pressures to finish school, to be successful, to get married, and so on. This song should remind people that all of us can win. Maybe not all at once, but we can all do it. When something is destined to be yours and you can feel it, it will be yours and no one can take that away from you.” – 4IAM’s own words on the matter.

4IAM’s collaboration with international producers and songwriters list keeps on growing. Warrick Wallace and Merlhorne Paul John are the new song songwriters for Level Up. With the previous releases ‘On Top’, ‘Tink About You’ and ‘Legends’ the girls had the opportunity to work with Swedish writer and producer Saturday, Monday and also incorporating the likes of T.I Jakke, Karl Ola Kjellholm, BRBN and Gold Fever Records, who are also behind the first two singles ‘Legends’ and ‘Think About You’. They have written and produced music for artists such as Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, Daddy Yankee and many more. T.I Jakke’s recent hit Kings and Queens by Ava Max was No.1 on the Billboard’s radio airplay chart. Also, Swedish producer MVRE collaborated with 4IAM as they returned just in time for a summer with a remix of ‘Legends’!

 4IAM are the leaders of tomorrow’s generation.

Track: Level Up

Artist: 4IAM

Length: 02:57

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‘T-pop’ is short for township pop. T-pop is in essence top end acts that sing, rap & dance to songs that are a mix between international pop productions, African beats, and African lyrics – inspired by K-pop. The acts perform synchronised, well-choreographed dances to songs that are upbeat and consist of various genres including traditional choreography and local languages. Each member in the group has a distinct brand & personality that others can easily identify with. Each member is a role model for others coming from similar backgrounds and is dependent on the community getting involved in the act.


4IAM is about embracing your upbringing and showing the world you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. With big goals, hard work and a strong message of women empowerment and owning your story, 4IAM encompasses everything possible.

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