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Press Release: Aisia Casanova Explores The Ugly Beautiful Journey Of Fated Lovers In “Twin Flame Love” Debut EP

Written by on April 4, 2021

Following her debut single “Push And Pull“, Texas born Mexican American singer, Aisia Casanova, releases her second lead single and debut EP title track “Twin Flame Love” featuring Gari Sinedima. The sultry afrobeat is produced by NedBeat.

Twin Flame Love” (EP) is also available for pre-order here.

Twin Flame Love” is Aisia Casanova’s debut EP. The Afrocentric-inspired musical body is comprised of five records with a sonic DNA derived from Pop, Jazz and Electronic Dance Music. The EP boasts with Angola’s renowned Gari Sinedima as the only feature while the diverse sound is credited to Angolan producers NedBeat and Cesar Ramos as well as FNote from South Africa.

I’m a firm believer of music being regionally boundless. From USA – Texas, Angola and South Africa! I’m definitely looking to collaborate with more artists and producers in the near future. I’d like to explore more sounds as well as touch base in the Latin community and showcase my Mexican roots. I’ve been exposed to so many incredible producers and artists from all around especially from South Africa. You’ve seen me interact with the likes of Chymamusique,DJ Fortee (beautiful energy), Ndloh JNR and recently I’ve connected withFistaz Mixwell. I look forward to meeting them and seeing what magic comes of it! I had plans to come down to South Africa however, I had to hold that off a bit due to the COVID-19 breakout and regulations have been stringent limiting travel. Hopefully, everything works out this time and I’m able to come down to South Africa. In the meantime, I hope the people enjoy “Twin Flame Love“. It’s been a challenging but yet beautiful journey putting together this EP.” – Aisia Casanova
The EP follows a story concept about star-aligned lovers. Aisia narrates a tale of a tumultuous relationship between fated souls where the dynamic is a cycle of fiery passion and icy tension. Two things I believe we have in commonality and lead us to relate to one another are music and matters of the heart. Twin Flame Love is a love story between two people in an unconventional pairing. Their unity and love changes the world through example. Sometimes, their unity can be challenged but not always. Their “reunited paths” come together lifetime after lifetime to share in the purpose of healing the world through love.” she added.
Twin Flame Love (EP) Tracklist
The title track “Twin Flame Love” is the opening song and source of inspiration for the other songs in the EP thus complementing and completing the storytelling. The lyrics narrating a story of star-aligned lovers encountering an epiphany about their meant to be fate are laced over an afrobeat fused with piano keys chased by an erotic electric guitar. The afrobeat percussion, piano and guitar bring about a live instrument feel.
From the beautiful beginnings of a fiery passionate love story, the journey segways into an icy and bumpy “Push And Pull”. Here, the love tug war begins! In this melody fusion of Urban Jazz and House, an avid but yet conflicted story-line continues. One of the lover’s tangos with her emotions just as she ironically does with her lover. To let go or hold on, the instant breakup and makeup, the incomplete pursuit and withdrawal, the push and pull relationship dynamic – love had become a contradictory beautiful disaster.
In “Daydreaming Of You”, the tension and suspense during the separation of the lovers is narrated over a retro disco and pop composition. Here, we witness an honest monologue and admittance of longing of the other while retrospectively looking at the beautiful beginning of this love story and the promises the lovers made to one another then. A contrast of what their love was “the light upon the world” then to what is now “full of loathe and fear” is drawn. Again, the emotional tango carries on as she reminisces and questions how they got to that messy point as well as what it would take to rekindle the magic. A wish to go back in time to what was!
Ultimatums are expressed in the afro EDM fused “What’s It Gonna Be”. This record could be thought of as the leeway to a turning point and or conclusion to the tumultuous love story. Various feelings such as insecurities and comparisons are also boldly expressed in an almost confrontational manner. The paradoxes are present here as well as she expresses her addiction to her lover and compares their love to “sweet ecstasy” all the while giving her lover ultimatums.
The mood in narration is ramped up again in the EDM (Ascend Mix) version of the title track “Twin Flame Love”. This may mark the end of the tumultuous phase of the relationship and the re-ignition of the fiery passion as meant to be for the fated lovers.

The official EP release is set for 30th April 2021.

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