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Rising Star Mizamo Releases Debut Single VUKA – Unveiling the Soul of “Afro Yano”.

Written by on September 8, 2023



In a world where music weaves the threads of dreams and aspirations, a new star is on the horizon – Mizamo, a talented singer-songwriter born and raised in the idyllic settlement of Tsolo, Eastern Cape. She releases her long awaited debut single VUKA.

“Vuka,” a heartfelt anthem, stands as a testament to her artistry. Written with the intention of motivating those who aspire to achieve their goals through hard work, the song was a product of one day’s inspired writing, shaped by the emotions and experiences that have shaped Mizamo’s own life. The song’s recording was overseen by the esteemed Jibbana Records, a testament to the recognition she has garnered.

At the core of her artistry lies “Afro Yano,” a unique fusion of Afro-Pop and piano melodies, a distinctive sound yet to be explored by her predecessors.

From an early age, music has been Mizamo’s beacon of inspiration, igniting a burning desire to become a singer. Her journey commenced as a young girl, fearlessly taking the lead in school choirs, nurturing her talent, and bolstering her confidence in pursuit of her dreams. Today, she stands on the precipice of greatness, determined to make her mark on the music industry.

Mizamo’s artistic journey has been deeply influenced by the music she grew up listening to, especially the soul-stirring sounds of Mafikizolo. Presently, she finds herself drawn to the mesmerizing talent of Simmy, a young female musician known for her captivating Afro-pop performances. The genre’s ability to connect souls and evoke emotions resonates with Mizamo, inspiring the essence of her own music.

Drawing from her own experiences as well as those of young individuals, her writing style weaves a tapestry of relatable narratives and emotions. Embodying the motto of patience, Mizamo believes that perseverance and waiting for one’s turn will ultimately lead to success for everyone. Through her music, she aspires to offer inspiration and motivation to a global audience, touching the hearts of countless souls.

In a world yearning for authentic voices and soulful melodies, Mizamo is ready to make her presence felt. As she sets her sights on the stars, her journey promises to inspire, uplift, and leave an indelible mark on the hearts of all who listen.

Mizamo’s debut release VUKA – OUT NOW –

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