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Written by on May 14, 2021

Stiques is one of Africa’s untapped hidden musical gems. He is a multi-disciplinary vocalist, songwriter, performer, producer, audio engineer and sound design artist, currently based in Antwerp and Amsterdam. He made his debut in 2017, teaming up with Solange’s multi Grammy-award winning engineer Nino Villanueva, on a rhythmic record titled “LAMBA”. His music blends Afrobeats and Soul with a sparkle of psychedelia, in an expression he calls ‘Afro Street Soul’. Following the global acceptance of African music, with Nigeria at the center of the Grammy-Awards this year, artists like Stiques have been inspired to immerse themselves further into creating and showcasing the diverse worlds of sound that Afrobeats is evolving to become.

Stiques’ newest single “Gidan Chasu Remix”, is one of his early pieces, off his forthcoming EP titled “Summer Vibe God”. ‘Gidan Chasu’ was subsequently recorded and released with Los Angeles based pop singer, Chrystina Sayers, in 2018. Excited to revisit the magical feeling this record brought, Stiques taps into the Malian-inspired futurist record with Chemutai Sage, to bring a fresh wave of upliftment, with the remix. According to him, “records like these create an escape for the soul, a four-minute portal, to experience something unusually blissful. Creating records like these have elevated my being in days when I was sure I had no hope or motivation to exist”. He seemed assertive about this, as he is said to always experience life in doses of extreme excitements and deep dark depressions.

Stiques’ music tells two-faced stories, with intense undertones, some form of a poetic trojan horse. On face value, it could be perceived to be a string of simple songs with catchy choruses. Whilst on a deeper level, these lyrics confront his innermost battles; systematic oppression, capitalism, depression and self awareness.


Gidan Chasu Remix features Chemutai Sage, a talented singer/songwriter from Kenya. Chemutai possesses a powerful soulful voice, their collaboration on the record is seamless, giving us the energy we need to embrace new freedom in anticipation of post-Covid times. The record was produced by Stiques, performed by Stiques and Chemutai Sage, engineered by Wouter Brandenburg and Stiques in the heart of Amsterdam.

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