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What’s On Kampala Gets Weekly Podcast with African Crest Radio!

Written by on June 28, 2024


Staying on top of Kampala’s hottest trends just got a whole lot easier! What’s On Kampala (, your one-stop guide to the city’s vibrant lifestyle scene, has partnered with African Crest Radio (ACR) to bring you The What’s On Kampala Podcast.

Hosted by Uganda’s media darling, Jaqi Deweyi, this weekly podcast is your essential dose of everything happening in Kampala. From the latest music releases to the most anticipated events and exclusive interviews, The What’s On Kampala Podcast will keep you in the loop on all things trendy and exciting.

A Match Made in Kampala

This exciting collaboration combines the best of both worlds: What’s On Kampala’s in-depth knowledge of Kampala’s lifestyle scene with ACR’s vast experience in audio entertainment. ACR, a South African radio station with a global reach, brings its expertise in delivering high-quality audio content to a worldwide audience.

What to Expect from The What’s On Kampala Podcast

Each week, The What’s On Kampala Podcast will delve into the following:

  • New Music Fridays: Get the scoop on the hottest new music releases from Ugandan and international artists. Discover hidden gems and chart-topping hits before anyone else.
  • Event Spotlights: Planning your weekend? The podcast will highlight the most anticipated events in Kampala, from concerts and art exhibitions to food festivals and cultural experiences.
  • In-Depth Interviews: Jaqi Deweyi will chat with Kampala’s movers and shakers, from renowned musicians and fashion designers to social media influencers and entrepreneurs. Get to know the people shaping the city’s vibrant scene and gain valuable insights into their creative processes and success stories.

Staying Ahead of the Curve with What’s On Kampala

The What’s On Kampala Podcast is more than just a list of events and interviews. It’s about providing listeners with a deeper understanding of Kampala’s ever-evolving trends. The podcast will explore the stories behind the hottest happenings, giving you a front-row seat to the city’s creative energy.

Whether you are a longtime resident or a curious visitor, The What’s On Kampala Podcast is your essential companion to navigating Kampala’s vibrant lifestyle scene. So, tune in every week and discover what’s hot, what’s happening, and who’s making waves in Kampala!

Ready to dive into Kampala’s coolest experiences? Stay tuned to What’s On Kampala for updates on the launch date and how to subscribe to The What’s On Kampala Podcast. With What’s On Kampala as your guide, you will never miss a beat in this dynamic city!



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