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ANACY Dives into imperfections and finds beauty in chaos through the evocative sounds of her latest single “Hot Mess.”

Written by on February 19, 2024

ANACY Dives into imperfections and finds beauty in chaos through the evocative sounds of her latest single “Hot Mess.”

The brand-new single from Electro pop indie star Anacy “Hot Mess” was meticulously crafted at the renowned Cosher Studios and impeccably mixed and mastered at Sunset Studios in Cape Town. The collaborative genius of producer Ross Rowley, Tanner Mason, a track seamlessly fusing electronic elements with raw, emotive vocals. HOT MESS made a splash on release day by being included in New Music Daily on Apple Music and New Music Friday, and POP SA today on Spotify. Anacy graced the cover art of the POP SA Spotify playlist.



Hot Mess Follows her previous single ‘Tattooed to My Heart’ which made the Netflix Series Love Is Blind Season 4 Soundtrack and was a Spotify Top Hit.



“Hot Mess” is a sonic journey through chaos and self-discovery, inspired by raw vulnerability and life’s unpredictable moments.

Anacy’s musical odyssey ignited from a fervent love for storytelling and a daring exploration of sounds, evolving into an art form that transcends conventional genres.

Anacy has graced the airwaves and earned praise from local and international radio stations (topping charts) and influential playlist, blogs and influencers. She has over 75 000 listeners every month on Spotify.

Anacy is dedicated to crafting authentic, genre-defying music that resonates intimately with listeners.

“Hot Mess” serves as a captivating prelude to Anacy’s upcoming album, promising a rich tapestry of emotions and diverse musical styles.

This song is a raw and unfiltered expression of a complex, passionate relationship. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of someone embracing their imperfections, acknowledging their struggles, and portraying themselves as a “hot mess.” Despite the chaos surrounding them, there’s a sense of self-awareness and defiance.



Amidst the turmoil, there’s a contrasting element of love and connection.

The metaphor of being a “ride or die” suggests a deep commitment and loyalty between the two individuals, acknowledging that the journey may be tumultuous, but they are in it together. The call to “get in the car, let’s drive” symbolizes a willingness to face the unknown and navigate through life’s uncertainties as a team.

Overall, the song is a powerful narrative that explores themes of self-discovery, rebellion, love, and commitment, all set against a backdrop of personal complexity and the unpredictable nature of life’s journey.

Get ready to be captivated by the bold and unique musical universe of Anacy.

Hot Mess is out on all platforms on 16 Feb 2024.



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