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Written by on December 13, 2023



Enkay is a rising star in the realm of dance-pop music.

Heart Of Steel unveils a deeply personal and transformative musical journey marked by self-discovery and actualization. Having worked with renowned house producer and mentor Gary Van Riet, the 2 have created magic just in time for the holidays with this classic Christmas Pop song.

The collaboration pushed Enkay to musical and spiritual limits, leading to the discovery, definition, and claiming of a unique sound that reflects absolute freedom and personal control—an unforeseen journey that unfolded over the course of the year.

This song was very much an exercise in release. The commission to write a Christmas song coincided with the Springbok World Cup, so the winning spirit & high energy played a role in pumping us to get it done. I drew inspiration from the personal experience of perpetual loneliness that comes around or is almost inescapable every festive season.”

Essentially a sad song, ‘Heart of Steel’ looks for the bright side in choosing oneself as the best gift for Christmas.

Enkay shares, “For as long as I could remember, music has always been around. A constant presence in childhood with daily devotions & hymnals to church choir practice or competition trips with grandma. Music was always an escape to the point that I’d get in trouble for singing my school-prepared readings as opposed to simply reading, like the other learners.”

Enkay invites fans to experience the emotional depth and creative energy of

“Heart of Steel,”

a song that beautifully captures the essence of choosing self-love and resilience during the holiday season.


Follow Enkay’s journey on social media: @ENKAYHEART.

Heart Of Steel is out on all platforms

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